About Us

Medic Footprints Malaysia (MFM) is a #tribebydoctorsfordoctors


Founded in 2020 by Dr. Selina Chew and aided by co-founder Dr. Vivek Subramaniam.

We are the only platform in Malaysia committed to the career success of our doctors be in clinical and non-clinical careers.


We are the only platform that address the issues of alternative careers for medical doctors in Malaysia. We connect doctors to other non-clinical careers and assist doctors in their career change. 

The face of healthcare in this country has changed vastly and doctors need not relegate themselves purely to clinical service. 


With Industry 4.0 in its implementation phase, the possibilities and choices in non-clinical jobs for doctors in healthcare careers are endless.

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Our goals are to help doctors attain a good quality of life and to change healthcare practices in Malaysia which will lead to the empowerment of doctors.


We are here to support all levels of doctors from medical graduates and houseman to medical officers and consultants. 


You don’t have to walk this journey all by yourself. MFM is here to walk with you.

Our Executive Team

Meet our MF Malaysia team

Dr Selina Chew


Dr Vivek Subramaniam


Dr Selvamany Gabriel

Content Director


Dr Indira Lavannya

Business Development Lead


Dr Solihah Suparman​

Project Management Lead


Dhilip Veloo

Social Media Manager

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Dr Christal Asong


Our Support Team

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Siveshan Silvam

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Desmond Tan

How It Started

The MFM Story is really the story of our Founder Dr. Selina Chew.

tired doctor

It’s a story that resonates with many doctors. When her head of department told her she had no future in Anaesthesiology all because of a physical injury that required her to go on a month-long medical leave, she was lost and didn’t know what to do with her life.


She had thought she would receive support and compassion from her superiors, but this was hardly the case. By then, she had been a clinician for seven years and was highly skilled in the critical care of patients.


Through this experience, Dr. Selina came to realise that there were others like her who were struggling in a toxic work environment who needed support and encouragement.

She knew that many doctors were facing physical, emotional, and mental health issues as a result of being too long in a toxic work culture. Although these doctors wanted to get away from a troubling workplace into more fulfilling positions in industry, they lacked the necessary skills.



Dr. Selina knew that by herself there would be little she could do but with the help of a group of people, much can be accomplished. This is what moved Dr. Selina to form Medic Footprints Malaysia to offer skills training and community support to doctors.

As she progressed in her newfound calling, she began to see the obvious gaps in industry research and innovation that would have been greatly helped by a physician’s education and experience.



She has made it her life’s call to support doctors to redefine their purpose in their careers, be it clinical or non-clinical,  and to connect doctors to the industry and vice versa.

Our Purpose

To connect doctors to diverse careers

mission vision values

We strive to assist doctors to successfully transition and diversify from a clinical job to a non-clinical job to meet industry needs.


We do this by providing quality support, community, upscaling, training, and information to doctors transitioning to the industry.


We aim to pioneer changes in the healthcare culture by breaking down walls and hierarchical practices that impede the progress and wellbeing of doctors.

What We Stand For

Freedom | Love | Unity | Innovation | Diversity

We believe in the freedom to think and speak without being judgmental while espousing compassion and empathy for another being. We are united in our mission to create a vibrant healthcare system through innovativeness, delimiting unhealthy boundaries and changing the status quo. We wholeheartedly embrace diversity and inclusivity. These are the values we adhere to.

How Are We Different

We the only platform in Malaysia committed to the transitioning and re-directing of doctors to the relevant industries while supporting those who wish to remain in clinical service.


We are doctors who have experienced the toxic work culture, have transitioned into non-clinical jobs, and are now assisting other doctors who are experiencing the same dilemma.

We a community of like-minded doctors united in the purpose of breaking down walls and hierarchical practices to inculcate a healthier and more inclusive healthcare system.