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Tribe of Disruptive Doctors

“Disruptive Doctors” refers to doctors who challenge the status quo, pushing boundaries and driving innovation within the healthcare sector in both clinical and non-clinical fields. 


They are called ‘disruptive’ not because they cause disorder or chaos, but because they disrupt established practices, procedures, and thought processes that may be outdated or inefficient.


They bring in new ideas, methods, and technologies to revolutionize healthcare delivery.


A disruptive doctor is agile, innovative and tech-savvy. 


Our Team

dr selina chew

founder & managing director

dr vivek subramaniam

co- founder

dhilip veloo

arts & creative Designer

The Inception

Our Story

How It Started

Meet Dr. Selina and Dr. Vivek, two visionary doctors from Malaysia who dared to dream of a better future for healthcare.

Dr. Selina, after being nudged out of clinical medicine due to a back injury and an unsupportive environment, found herself at a crossroads. Read her story here



Similarly, Dr. Vivek, upon returning to Malaysia after eight years of practice in the UK, felt confined and underutilized within the existing healthcare system. Read his story here


They shared a deep sense of frustration, a desire for change, and a belief that doctors could do more. Out of this shared conviction, Medic Footprints Malaysia (MFM) was born.


A groundbreaking community platform designed to empower doctors to redefine their roles in healthcare and make lasting impacts on patient care.

Trailblazing doctors

A Tribe of Future-Ready
Disruptive Doctors

At MFM, we’re cultivating a tribe of future-ready disruptive doctors who are agile, innovative and tech-savvy.


These doctors will be prepared to face the challenges of an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


We believe in the potential of every doctor to create a positive impact in healthcare, regardless of their path.

Making an Impact Beyond Clinical Practice

For non-practicing doctors, MFM provides the resources and guidance to excel in diverse non-clinical settings. With agility and versatility, these doctors can continue to make significant impacts on healthcare, improving patient care even beyond the confines of traditional medicine.

Embracing AI and Emerging Technologies

For practicing doctors, MFM equips them with the knowledge and skills to harness the potential of AI and emerging technologies. By seamlessly integrating these tools into their work, they can deliver better, more efficient care to their patients.

Redefining A Doctor's Role In Healthcare

Be the movers & shakers of healthcare
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

Innovative Tech-Savvy Agile

What does it mean to be a disruptive doctor?

  1. Agile: Doctors with a flexible mindset, able to pivot quickly in response to the ever-evolving healthcare environment, transferring their skillsets seamlessly from clinical to non-clinical setting to continue making significant impacts.
  2. Innovative: Doctors who dare to challenge the conventional wisdom, relentlessly question the status quo, and pioneer unprecedented solutions and practices in healthcare.
  3. Tech-Savvy: Doctors who are ready to harness the power of technology improve patient care and advance medical practices.

Why Now?

Disruptive Doctors

Revolutionizing Healthcare, One Doctor at a Time

In a world where doctors are often seen as just cogs in a clinical machine, MFM is leading a revolution.

MFM is more than a platform for doctors; it is a movement that is transforming the healthcare landscape in Malaysia and beyond.


Through our commitment to empowering doctors to be more than they are, we are breaking down hierarchical barriers and revolutionizing healthcare system as a whole.


We believe that the quality of healthcare is only as good as the well-being of the people who provide it. That’s why we are on a mission to build a community of agile, innovative and tech-savvy doctors that are ready for the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare. 

Like Apple’s dedication to challenging the status quo. Like Nike, we inspire doctors to push their limits. At MFM, we believe that every doctor has a unique story to tell and a unique contribution to make. 


Purchase your premium membership to be part of the tribe of trailblazers. 

What We Do

We provide a community platform to help doctors to upskill and connect them to diverse careers in healthcare in both clinical and non-clinical career paths.

Join Our Healthcare Revolution

Our premium membership is an invitation to be part of the MFM Disruptive Doctors tribe, joining a community of like-minded professionals who are shaping the future of healthcare.


Whether you are a practicing doctor or exploring non-clinical opportunities, MFM is here to support your growth and development.