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AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp for Doctors Workshop

AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp for Doctors is a 4-day intensive course that teaches doctors how to combine their medical knowledge and clinical experience with technology. At the end of the course, doctors will be able to create a AI and machine learning- powered healthcare app with zero coding experience.

How To Build A GP Clinic Online Workshop

How to Build your GP Clinic online workshop is designed to educate doctors like you on how to research, build, and run your own GP clinic.

Most doctors think that just because they know how to treat patients, that they automatically know how to build a GP clinic.


This Aesthetic Workshop for Doctors is a comprehensive training program designed to provide hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. It is led by renowned Malaysian Aesthetic Physician and Trainer Dr Lenzo Ling. 

It’s a a one-of-a-kind conference that specifically addresses all the diverse careers in healthcare for doctors & other healthcare professionals such as dentists, and pharmacists. Join us as we dive deep into both clinical and non-clinical career paths.

How to Use ChatGPT for Doctors

An online game-changer workshop for doctors and other allied healthcare workers. Learn how to integrate the power of AI and ChatGPT into your clinical work, and stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing medical landscape.

Advancing Your Career In Non-Clinical

An online workshop in collaboration with Docquity on on transitioning to non-clinical careers for healthcare professionals. 

Past Events/Programs

Malaysia's First Ever Diverse Careers Summit for Doctors

Medic Footprints Malaysia presents its first ever Diverse Career Summit themed “Connecting Doctors with Diverse Careers”. 

Switching Careers for Doctors Workshop

Being a doctor was all you ever wanted. But now that you’re finally a doctor, reality hits you that you’re unhappy and unfulfilled in your career. Everyone around you tells you that you should be grateful that you’re  a doctor and have a job, but you’re unhappy…

Doctors Who Code App Development Workshop Thumbnail

Doctors Who Code - Dart & Flutter For Complete Begineers

In this two-weekend special intensive Dart and Flutter course, participants will be able to experience hands-on training from an experienced Flutter developer and instructor on how to build their first Flutter app.

The Monthly Webinar: Diverse Careers for Malaysian Doctors

Medic Footprints Malaysia is organising monthly Diverse Careers Webinar for Malaysian Doctors designed to help you find out how you can make the most of your medical degree by expanding your career into other areas.

Introduction To Aesthetic Medicine

Are you curious about Aesthetic Medicine Wondering if you’re right for the profession? 
Gain insider knowledge & an in-depth understanding of what it takes for you to make it in Aesthetic Medicine

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True Picture Of Aesthetic Practice

This workshop is a part of our diverse career program for Doctor’s Series. Gain insider knowledge & an in-depth understanding of what it takes for you to make it in Aesthetic Medicine.

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