Resume Writing For Doctors

Struggling to Write the Right Resume?

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 The first step in the job search process is resume writing. This step is important but yet it can be extremely intimidating especially since we were not taught this in Medical School. Many doctors don’t get a call back upon submitting their resumes and there’s a reason for this. They have submitted a poorly written resume. In their experience section, doctors have a one-liner to state where they did their HO training and a two-liner to describe their MO training. But if potential employers are not able to gauge a doctor’s skills, talents, and gifts from the resume, why would they contact you for an interview anyway? 

Besides, there is not one resume that fits all jobs. Resumes need to be tailored to the needs of employers.

But what if you could submit a resume that resulted in a call for an interview from a potential employer every time? This is within your reach! You too can write winning resumes! Resumes are really about doctors marketing yourselves to potential employers.  


Watch this video on How To Write the Right Resume where we breakdown all the important components of what’s in a resume and how you can tailor make your own resume.

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