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Stepping into the Medic Footprints Malaysia (MFM) premium membership is about embracing change, innovation, and future thinking.

It’s about joining a dynamic tribe of Disruptive Doctors who are revolutionizing healthcare, both in clinical and non-clinical settings.

In this tribe, you’ll be among tech-savvy trailblazers, innovative thinkers, and agile doctors.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”


With your membership, you’ll access unlimited CV reviews to showcase these potent skills to future employers. 


You’ll benefit from a free mentoring session with Dr. Vivek and Dr. Selina, healthcare leaders who can help you further cultivate these attributes.

Your membership also unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities. You’ll  enjoy networking opportunities with like-minded doctors who, like you, are thinking ahead and envisioning a better future for healthcare.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts and free access to our specialized programs, further enhancing your agility, innovative thinking, and tech-savviness.

As a disruptive doctor, you’ll be at the forefront of healthcare innovation, contributing to the evolution of the field and making a tangible impact on patient care, whether you’re in a clinical role or not.

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✔ Monthly e-newsletters

✔ An Invitation to the MFM’s Discord Server

✔ Access to Job Applications &  Articles

✔ FREE access to the all Online Learning Course and MFM Academy

✔ Part of the Disruptive Doctors Community

✔ Internship Opportunity

✔ FREE Unlimited CV review

✔ FREE 1 mentoring session with Dr Vivek or Dr Selina

✔ 50% off of BCMAS accreditation

✔ Discounts on upcoming courses, workshops, & events

✔ Access to Diverse Career Webinar recordings

✔ Invites to Networking Meetups and Collaborations

✔ Discounted annual Conference tickets

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✔ Monthly e-newsletters

✔ An Invitation to the MFM’s Discord Server

✔ Access to Job Applications & Articles


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