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When things don’t go the way you planned or thought they would, it could leave you feeling confused, fearful, and angry. The problem is made worse for junior doctors who studied hard to become a doctor only to be told that there isn’t a career progression pathway for you to become a specialist.  Now…you’re feeling lost.  For some of you who love the profession and want to continue in it, the unfair treatment and harassment of junior doctors is a heartache which has affected your mental health and wellbeing.


If this describes you, then you’ll want to overcome the confusion, sort things out in your life, and make a wise decision about your future. And COACHING is the ANSWER!


  • You’ll become unstuck and be able to move on with your career plans
  • Sort out fear and other feelings that hold you back from making the change you need
  • Show you the work-life balance you seek to benefit yourself and your family and,
  • Equip you to live your best life despite your circumstances.


MFM’s life coaches are former medical doctors who are in a perfect position to help you uncover the best version of yourself. You will live a life that’s true to yourself!

Free coaching sessions are available for those who want to sample the experience.


As humans, we see life through filters which are formed by our experiences, our social environment, our values, and our assumptions. These limit how we see things (tunnel vision) which in turn affects our reactions to different situations in our lives.


Rather than just managing your circumstances, coaches help you to become a change agent in your own life. You will be empowered to consciously choose your actions, create the things you want to experience in your life, and help others to do the same for themselves.


There are coaching methodologies which are action-oriented focused on goals, steps, and accountability which are effective in the short term. But real lasting changes in your life begin through inner transformation. That is, determining the root of most challenges and blocks in your life, including your limited perspectives in life, your self-defeating thoughts, and outdated beliefs passed down from family, society, and the media.


COACHING will help you shift your inner blocks and help you to create the right choice in how you think or feel while developing and strengthening your ability to:


  • Create long-term solutions, not just band-aid fixes
  • Promote greater individual awareness of how you think, feel, and act
  • Help you perform better and accomplish greater results with less effort
  • Reduce stress by changing your reactions to circumstances and,
  • Set the stage for your continuous transformation.

Coaching can be paired with the Energy Leadership™️ Index (ELI) Assessment, Deep Transformational Coaching technique and more. The ELI Assessment is used to reveal the specific filters you have developed and how these filters are influencing the results you are achieving or not achieving in your life.


The Deep Transformational Coaching Techniques focuses on Mindset Coaching and Life Coaching. Mindset Coaching emphasizes the “rewiring” of your mind, behaviors, and habits. Life Coaching focuses on your internal transformation to impact your external performance.


With coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to reshape your attitudes and worldview, tap into your fullest potential, and transform into the best version of you!

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