Healthcare Diverse Careers Conference & Exhibition

The HDCC is a one-of-a-kind conference that specifically addresses all the diverse careers in healthcare for doctors & other healthcare professionals such as dentists, and pharmacists. 

Are you a medical doctor, dentist or pharmacist thinking…

“What else can I do with my Medical/ Dental/ Pharmacy Degree?”

“I don’t know anything else other than treating patients...”

"I still want to practice medicine, but what do I do once my contract with KKM ends?

Wishing there was someone you could ask for career guidance?

Then the Healthcare Diverse Careers Conference & Exhibition (HDCC) is the solution to your problems.

19 & 20th of August 2023

8 am to 6 pm

At Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC)

Highlights from 2022 Summit

Diverse Careers for Doctors Summit 2022

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For companies who want to showcase their brand and be the top-of-mind brand among the younger generation of doctors & healthcare professionals

Find out the diverse healthcare career opportunities available for you in other fields outside of KKM.

Join us as we dive deep into both clinical and non-clinical career paths.

Our specialized topics will empower GPs to provide even more value to patients.

While non-clinical seekers will discover all the exciting sectors in healthcare and how to transition.

Network and learn from the best and discover how to progress from mid-level management roles to leadership roles in healthcare.

well known speakers



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Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Founder MF UK


Dr. Selina Chew

Founder MF Malaysia


Dr. Ingky

Founder of Skynfyx & Key Opinion Leader


Dr. Zuhairi

Medical Doctor & Hybrid App Developer


Dr. Izzhar Putra

CEO Innoquest Indonesia


Capt Ariva

Design Thinking Expert & TedX Speaker

prof lokman

Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Lokman Saim

ENT Surgeon, Vice Chancellor and Dean School of Medicine KPJUC


Dr Raymond Choy

Founder & CEO of Doc2Us

michelle mah

Dr Michelle Mah


Dr Viroshini Hari Krishnan

Medical Director, Head of Health Claims and Network Management HSBC

prof Leong-Chee-Onn

Prof Leong Chee On

CEO AGTC Genomics


Dr Roland Victor

Medical Doctor  & Founder of The KL Sky Clinic


Why is it so difficult to become a specialist in Malaysia? Prof Lokman

Malaysia doesn’t have enough specialists, yet it is still so difficult to get into specialisation programmes. Is there more than meets the eye? 

Depression among Healthcare Professionals. Dr Mohd Nazir

Stigma surrounding mental health among medical doctors. Are we asking for the help we need?

Precision Medicine in Primary Care. Prof Leong

Genetic medicine application in primary care. 

Functional Medicine. Dr Abdul Wahab

Holistic medicine. A new way of practicing medicine.

How to Build a Sustainable GP Clinic Dr Paul Chan

What does it take to build a clinic that is sustainable?

How to Market and Build Your Clinic Brand Dr Ingky

If I build they will come. Is this still true?

Getting Into Aesthetic Medicine Dr Lenzo Ling

Everyone talks about getting into Aesthetic Industry because that’s where they money is. But how do you know if you are the right fit for the industry?


Future of Healthcare. Allan, Fernandez, Dr Raymond Choy

Switching from doctor-centric to patient-centric healthcare.  

The Evolving Role of Doctors in Technology. Dr Zuhairi Zainuddin, Dr Hanis Hasri

How doctors contribute in health tech development. Finding your niche.  

Doctor in Corporate Dr Izzhar Putra

How to climb the corporate ladder as a doctor.

Doctor in the Insurance Industry. Dr Viroshini Hari Krishnan

How to start a career in the Insurance Industry as a doctor.

Leadership in Healthcare. Dr Michelle Mah

How can doctors get into leadership positions? Are doctors better leaders?

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast. Dr Eric Siew

What is culture?

Doctor in Pharma Dr Suraj Wilson

Getting into the Pharma Industry

why now?

Just because you got into medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy does not mean you need to remain in clinical. This is all the more true in the present time with limited permanent positions being offered to healthcare professionals.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and there are numerous ways to make a positive impact on patient care beyond the clinical setting. Transitioning into non-clinical roles is a crucial aspect of career advancement, leading to managerial and leadership positions.

As much as we all love treating patients, being in a non-clinical position provides a bird's eye view of the industry, allowing you to influence healthcare on a larger scale. So why limit yourself to the daily grind when you can elevate your career and help shape the future of healthcare?

The healthcare industry is ripe with exciting opportunities that didn't exist in the past. For instance, roles like Healthtech Consultant, where you can develop software for hospitals, are now available.

These positions represent a shift from traditional healthcare roles and offer a chance to work on cutting-edge technologies that transform patient care. Embracing these emerging roles will not only lead to a rewarding career but also positively impact the healthcare industry.

Besides, opportunities for specialization have become increasingly impossible to obtain. Gone are the days of job security through permanent positions and specialization opportunities at KKM especially with the increasing number of medical graduates churned out annually.

Once their KKM contracts ends, many healthcare professionals will become unemployed and left to fend for themselves. This is a frightening prospect.

The future of young healthcare professionals is uncertain at this time. Many continue to think that once they have graduated and entered KKM, they are set for life.

But the fact is, the future of young professionals such as doctors, dentists, and pharmacists at KKM is uncertain as there is no clear criteria for permanent positions. Additionally, for those under the contract system, the pathway for specialization looks immensely bleak.

What’s really needed is a change of mindset among young professionals in the public healthcare system. Clinical medicine is not the entirety of healthcare. Healthcare is so much bigger than that!

Previously, the pathways for doctors were clear cut and there was no need to investigate alternative career pathways. But times have changed, competition is rife, and healthcare professionals need to fend for themselves.

Clinical medicine is not the only way to make a difference in the lives of patients. Healthcare being a vast playing field, it’s time to equip yourself and stand out from among the many healthcare professionals flooding the market.

You need to do this for yourself instead of expecting someone else to clear the path for you.

It’s time to take charge of the situation in your life and in your career. YOU NEED TO MAKE THAT CHANGE FOR YOURSELF!

Take CONTROL of your OWN Career! There is no better way to do this than to talk to other healthcare professionals who have walked down the same path that lies before you.

These healthcare professionals have the knowledge and skills in combining their healthcare degrees with valuable skills that have enabled them to thrive.


Imagine being in a room full of people and finding the answer to your burning question – “What are my options outside of KKM?”

Imagine being in a room full of people, finding your options, and being affirmed and celebrated and not judged by those around you.

Imagine being in a room full of people, finding your options, and being affirmed and celebrated and not judged by those around you.


Imagine being in a room full of potential employers with whom you can speak to and obtain advice in making your job application stand out from among other healthcare professionals in the market.

Imagine being able to connect with experienced mentors who will be able to guide you with your burning questions on leadership, making the right connections in industry, and managing your team.

Imagine becoming a healthcare professional overseas just by meeting another healthcare professional who has already started his/her moving abroad process. Imagine the time you will save in searching for your answers.

By being at the HDCC, you will be in the same room as other healthcare professionals who have already done what you want to do – transition to pharma, hospital management, corporate arena, medical devices, health technology, other healthcare management roles and other clinical fields outside of the hospital system etc.

One Pass. Two Game Changing Days!

Networking opportunities

Interact with professionals from various healthcare sectors, learn about different healthcare organizations, and expand their professional network.

Career advancement

Learn about the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in the industry.

Diversity and inclusion

A safe space to explore careers outside of clinical medicine without judgement.

Professional development

The conference offers workshops and sessions that cover a range of topics, from clinical skills to non-clinical skills in leadership and management.


We features exhibitors from various healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare technology companies. Learn about new products and services and explore career opportunities with these organizations.

Inspiration and motivation

The opportunity to learn from and connect with other professionals can help you feel re-energized and inspired you to make the transition!

Not Ready For Your Big Break?

Consider the price of not attending the HDCC. Imagine this scenario – A year from now you are in the same old job you dislike and totally in the dark about career opportunities available for you simply because you did not attend the HDCC. Your family and friends think all is well with you because you’re a doctor but you know that you’ve never been more down in your life.

You remain clueless and search for answers in the dark all by yourself. What a lonely journey that would be.

But your peers who attended the HDCC have spoken to healthcare professionals who have successfully transitioned to other fields. They made valuable connections with employers all because they participated in the HDCC. As a result of attending the HDCC, doors of opportunity have opened for them and now they are in a brand new career enjoying job satisfaction.

Wouldn’t your outcome be far different from theirs? Is this a gamble you are willing to take with your life? Take this opportunity to do yourself a BIG FAVOR and SIGN UP for the HDCC!

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What They Say
About Our Last Summit?

speakers transparent bg (2)
Great Networking Opportunities

I joined their Diverse Careers For Doctors Summit on August 2022 and I went for an interview and I got a position at a pharmaceutical company. And I really think being at that summit helped me a lot with meeting the right people and and talking to the right people.

Dr Kishen
( A Medical Doctor Transitioned into Pharmaceutical Industry )
Screenshot (538)
Very Insightful & Informative

This summit gives me insight on what others careers are. I’ve been looking for a new career for a while and I’m really interested in MSL roles, I’ve got the insight from Summit Speakers about it. I’ve gain the strength to pull my anchor, and just do it. 

Dr Izyani
( General Practitioner )
Screenshot (539)
Amazing Speakers

I’m in a career shift, and I am looking into Healthtech. By attending this Summit, I manage to try the coding experience by myself, got the opportunity to exchange number with Dr Zuhairi and connect with him on LinkedIn. 

Dr Jonas
( MSc PH and Healthtech Enthusiast)
Screenshot (535)

It’s a very rare opportunity to get such a collection of Drs, that now doing a lot of other things and they have had years of experiences in it! The talks were very inspiring and I plan on starting my job hunting soon.

Dr Amaris
( General Practitioner )

At Sime Darby Convention Center

19th & 20th August 2023

8.00 am – 6.00 pm

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