Diverse Careers Summit for Doctors

Are you a Medical Doctor thinking,

"What else can I do other than clinical medicine?"

"I don't know anything else other than treating patients"

Wondering if you should #ExitKKM ?

Thinking of your next step once your contract with KKM ends?

Don't want to practice medicine anymore but not sure what else to do?

Or are you here looking for alternative career enhancement pathways in clinical medicine? ​

Wished that there was someone whom you can ask for career guidance?

If you have answered YES to any of the above and more, then

Join Us for our first ever Diverse Careers Summit for Doctors

20th Aug 2022, Saturday

8am – 6pm

IDCC Shah Alam

And find out what are the diverse careers in Healthcare that you can get into as a doctor.

Why now?

Being a doctor is no longer a womb to tomb profession. 

Gone are the days of job security for medical doctors. Back then, once you graduate as a medical professional, your job and career in KKM is almost certain. Pathways to specialization was clear. 


But now with the ever changing landscape of healthcare, there are more and more doctors being churned out every year. On top of that, permanent position for doctors in the government is far lesser than what it used to be.  


There will be more doctors in the market who will be unemployed and left to fend for themselves. The worst part is that medical school and our medical training in the hospital have not prepared us for any of these consequences.


Doctors are still continuously trained to think that once they graduate and begin working as a doctor in KKM, their future is set. The future for young doctors is now UNCERTAIN with no clear criteria on how to become permanent doctors in KKM. There are also no clear pathways for specialization for those who are in the contract system.


We need to break out from this mould and see that the landscape of healthcare has changed dramatically. 

Clinical medicine is not the entire healthcare. Healthcare is so much bigger than that!


Being a medical doctor that ONLY knows how to treat patients is NO LONGER ADEQUATE

 We need to start arming ourselves with knowledge outside of clinical medicine to stand out from the crowd and we can no longer wait for KKM to do that for us. 


Instead of complaining about the lack of opportunity, it’s time we take charge of our lives and our careers and make that change for ourselves.


Be in CONTROL of your OWN career

 There is no better way for you to do this than to speak to other doctors who have walked down this path before you. Doctors who have amassed knowledge and skills on how to combine their medical degree and other valuable skills that have enabled them to thrive in different industries. 

Here are just a few of our guest speakers to get excited about!  

Dr Lenzo Ling MB BCh BAO (NUI) LRCPSI (Ireland)

Founder & CEO @ GEM Clinic, Entrepreneur

Is the Aesthetic Medicine Market Saturated? Should Doctors Get Involved in this field?

With the looming uncertainty of the contract system in KKM, most of us are trying to find other ways to practice medicine.

Aesthetic medicine is a very lucrative field to get into as a doctor.

But with so many Aesthetic Clinics popping up and so many Aesthetic doctors around, is it still worth getting into this field?

Is the market saturated? Or, is it just the beginning?

Learn how to thrive in the Aesthetic field from this doctor who made a seven-figure income in the second year of starting his Aesthetic practice!

Dr Suraj Wilson MD

Regional Medical Manager of Ipsen

 Finding Your Role in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There has been a stigma among practicing doctors that joining the pharma industry is akin to going to the dark side.

But, is it?

Dr Suraj will debunk this myth and shed some light into what valuable experiences and knowledge a doctor brings with them to the pharma industry.

Find out how where to thrive within the pharma industry where your skills and interests will be best utilized.

Dr Mugunthan Murugan

Managing Director of Medic Konsult (MY) Sdn Bhd

How to Build Your Successful Private GP Practice?

Many doctors start-up their own GP practice because they want to provide better care for patients.

Doctors think that as long as they are good doctors with great clinical skills, their GP practice will thrive. However, statistics indicate that many clinics are struggling to make ends meet and many more have shut down since the pandemic began. Great clinical skills alone do not guarantee that a clinic will thrive.

Learn about the entrepreneurial skills and the efficiency factor needed for you to succeed from the man who once managed 25 thriving private clinics!


Dr Sharmila Baskaran MBBS

Director of Medical Services in Ara Damanasara Medical Centre

Hospital Management –  Is It YOUR Cup Of Tea?

There is a stigma in the medical profession that doctors who can’t perform in their clinical work, get into admin & management.

Or, that doctors who are lazy often get into admin & management.

But what is Hospital Management all about?

What do doctors really do in this field?

Find out how your clinical experience makes you a better candidate in Hospital Management. 

Dr Izzhar Putra MBBS

Head of New Business in Pathology Asia

Climbing the Corporate Ladder as a Doctor

One of the biggest worry we have as doctors when we contemplate moving out of clinical medicine is – we feel like we don’t know anything else.

All we know is how to treat patients and nothing else. But how true is this? Are there any transferrable skills?

Dr Izzhar Putra will debunk this myth that doctors don’t know anything else but medicine. He will show the myriad of transferable skills that doctors possess that will help you succeed in the corporate arena.

Find out the secret to a successful career in the corporate world from a doctor who has worked there for over 10 years!  

Dr Lim Ing Kien MD

Founder of Skynfyx & Key Opinion Leader

How To Build Your Brand as a Doctor

Doctors think it is wrong to market themselves.

Doctors think that by marketing themselves, they are sell-outs.

Is it really true that by marketing themselves, doctor are being unprofessional? 

Dr. Lim, the marketing guru, will debunk some of these myths  for doctors.

It is time to think about how we can brand ourselves to stand out from the crowd?

Find out how you can market and build your brand as a doctor in an ethical and professional manner.

Dr Mohd Zuhairi bin Zainuddin  MBBS

Hybrid App Developer

Doctors Who Code: The Digital Age of Medicine

Coding sounds like a big word that most regular people would shy away from.

Indeed, the pandemic has  radically thrust the era of digitalization forward in many sectors including healthcare.

With this development, are coding and programming skills limited only to those with an IT background?

Or, has that changed?

Find out how you can continue to use your medical knowledge and experience, and stay relevant in the digital age with coding and programming knowledge.

Capt. M Ariva

Design Thinking Expert & TedX Speaker
Former Commercial Ship Captain 

Doctors changing lanes? How to decide?

Most doctors are afraid to make a change because they fear making the wrong decision.

After investing a few hundred thousand ringgit in Medical School  and working a few years as a doctor, you wonder whether it will all go to waste when you change your career.

How will you decide if you have made the right decision – whether to stay or leave?

Decision making in life and career is a process which we were never taught in Medical School. Capt. Ariva will dive into how you can make the right decision for yourself EVERY single time.

Dr Sivaneswaran Poobalasingam 

Director of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine 

A Career For Doctors in Lifestyle Medicine

You are told in Medical School that there is no cure for NCDs like Diabetes and Hypertension.

Your patients have to be on life-long medication to manage the disease.

Yet, isn’t it true that the best treatment for patients is to to treat them  “holistically”? You hear this all the time. But what does it really mean to treat your patients holistically? Ever wonder what more you could do for your patients other than prescribing medications? 

Find out how you can practice medicine differently with Lifestyle Medicine and radically impact the health of your patients!

Dr Karen Koay

CEO of Nadi Healthtech Berhad

Diversifying Doctors’ Careers through Health Tech 

Mr Mahadevan Tata

Consultant Upper Gastrointestinal and General Surgeon, Medical Director, Researcher, Medical Innovation

Doctors Impacting Patient’s Care Through Research 

Our VIPs Special Appearance

Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood (Executive Director Sunway Centre for Planetary Health Sunway University)

Dr Anthony Lawrence
(Investor & CEO Biomark)

Mr Allan Fernandez
(CEO Asia Clinic Group & CEO Healthscape)

Who is this for?

  • Doctors and dentists who don’t want to practice clinical medicine any longer. Those that want to try out non-clinical healthcare roles in pharma, hospital management, corporate sector etc.
  • Contract MOs whose contracts are ending and don’t know what else to do.
  • MOs who are looking for other clinical opportunities in other healthcare fields like aesthetic medicine or serving as doctors overseas.
  • Ex-HOs, those without APCs, who want to know what else they can do with their medical degree.
  • Doctors who are confused and aimless about their career paths.
  • Medical Students who want to broaden their horizon.

What will you gain if you join us

Imagine being in a room full of people with whom you can ask that burning question – “What are my options outside of practicing medicine?” – and finding your answers!

Imagine being in a room full of people with whom you can openly say – “I want to quit medicine” – and be supported by your peers.

Imagine being in a room with potential employers with whom you can speak to and who can advise you on how to make your application stand out from other candidates. 

Imagine wanting to become a doctor overseas and meeting another doctor at the summit who is already in the process of moving abroad. You will save your time searching for the answers.

By joining us at the summit, you will be in a room with other doctors who have already done what you want to do – be it in pharma, hospital management, corporate arena etc. or those who have started their own business – you get to speak to them, exchange numbers and get your foot in the door of whatever industry you wish to work at. 

Not Ready Yet?

Ask yourself, what is the price of not attending the Summit?

What if you don’t join us for the summit?

Imagine a year from now, you are still in a job that you dislike, unsure of the other career options available for you. Your family and friends think you have it all figured out because, hey, after all, you are a doctor.

You continue to remain clueless, continue to search in the dark for answers and continue to be alone in this journey.

This is as opposed to your peers who attended the Summit, spoke to other doctors who could advise them, and made valuable connections with employers. This person went to the Summit, had doors opened for him/her and now they in a brand new career that makes them happy. 

Which outcome will yours be? 

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