Corporate Services

Connecting Your Company with the Best Medical Talent 

and Corporate Health & Wellness Training


Our corporate service is designed specifically for healthcare companies who are seeking qualified and experienced doctors for clinical and non-clinical roles.


With our extensive database of over 3,000+ doctors (and counting), from medical officers to medical directors and hospital administrators, we are the leading platform for doctors seeking career opportunities beyond traditional clinical roles.


By advertising with us, companies can connect with a pool of highly skilled and experienced doctors, while also growing their network for future opportunities.


Additionally, we are able to provide specialized health and wellness training for corporate employees, leveraging our expertise in the healthcare industry.


Ultimately, working with us can help companies attract and retain top talent while promoting a healthy and productive workforce.

Hiring Solutions

Hire the RIGHT healthcare talent for your healthcare company

Job Advertising

Unlike other job platforms, we have a rich and concentrated pool of young vibrant doctors and healthcare talents that are seeking for careers in clinical medicine and out of medicine.


We will assist you with sourcing, screening and recruiting.


We provide HRDF claimable training to help you upskill your talents.
Our holistic programs address physical and mental health, promoting healthy habits and providing tools for positive lifestyle changes.
Achieve employee peak performance and reduce absenteeism with a comprehensive approach.

Participate in our
Annual Healthcare Diverse Careers Conference & Exhibition

Become a Sponsor / Exhibitor
Showcase your brand and be the top-of-mind brand among the younger generation of doctors & healthcare professionals

Other Services


Showcase Your Brand. Reach & engage with our medical audience. Brand company as the top-of-mind brand among doctors.

Team Building

Focuses on enhancing communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among employees through interactive activities, resulting in improved team performance and morale.


Consultation services to assist companies and investors in building healthcare businesses, hiring staff, and advertising.

We provide customized solutions to help you meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.

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Unlock Your Company's Potential

Connecting you to the best doctors and healthcare talents.