Corporate Services

Wondering what forms of Corporate Services we offer?

Here they are!

1) Job Listings for Employers

If you are an employer seeking the services of doctors, you can advertise your jobs with us. There are various packages to choose from with varying prices. Be assured that your ads will be viewed by doctors, and you will likely find your preferred candidate through us. We have over 3,000 members and we are growing every day. We have a ready pool of skilled and qualified doctors who are looking for career opportunities in clinical and nonclinical fields available upon your request.

2) Program Advertisements

If you are recruiting doctors for your program of study, be it clinical or nonclinical, do advertise with us. Many of our physician members are pivoting or wish to pivot to fields such as finance, insurance, medical devices, ICT, research, law, engineering, education, management, pharmacy and more. We also have doctors who want to hone their skills in clinical medicine. They are interested in upskilling and reskilling themselves. By advertising with us, your ads will be seen by our doctors, and you will likely find your candidates through our ready pool of doctors.
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3) Healthcare Consulting

If you require some insight, direction, guidance, and good medical experience to assist you with your healthcare projects, do contact us. We have experienced doctors on our team who will be able to give you the direction you need through quality consulting. Through our services, we hope to optimize efficiency, revenue generation, and systems improvement for you. We are able to offer you strategy consulting, technology consulting, marketing consulting and HR and operations consulting

4) Placement of Doctors for the Industry

If you are seeking for doctors with a certain skill set for your business objectives, we will source them for you. Some of our satisfied clients include notable healthcare organizations such as QMed, IHP and Sunway Medical Centre. Tell us about the doctors you need, and we will get them for you. You won’t be disappointed!

Noteworthy Clients We Have Worked With

For more business collaboration and projects, do drop us an email at [email protected]